Live Free Productions, KODAK 16MM FILM

Starring Rennick Graff, Alec Linguanti

Behind closed doors is the compelling story of mental patient #25387 at the conclusion on the Second World War. Phonetically known as Aldus, #25387 relives the war in his own memories from the cell block hes been "re-assigned" too. A prisoner to his own visions of war, Aldus is left with the constant lurking fear of his enemy's and the lingering memory of his long lost love. Can Aldus win the war in his own head, does he realize the woman of his dreams is really the nurse he sees daily? From where he remains #25387, Behind Closed Doors, where nothing is impossible.

  • MV5BMTU0MTE4Njg3Nl5BMl5BcG5nXkFtZTgwODY0NjQ2OTE_._V1_
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